Family pricing

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Family Photography

Let’s keep it simple…

My session is 1.5 hours at your home of favourite location. The package includes your photoshoot time and high resolution digital files you will receive 150+ (you will probably receive more) in a combination of black and white and colour images ready for download and sharing.

Capture those beautiful everyday moments $660


I love to celebrate. If you have a party on, I want to know about it.

The types of events you might be having are:

  • Christenings / Naming days

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Reunions

Family event photography is $200 per hour. The package includes high resolution digital files to download will receive approx 150+ (you will probably get more).


What to wear?

I get this question a lot. Little kids can get away with nappies or even less, but generally speaking you should wear what you usually wear. Have fun letting everyone expressing their unique personalities.

Too vague… still need help?… I always advise to go plain - denim, nice neutral colours then add some colour to pop. If anyone want to wear patterns or floral these are great – but printed tees with writing (esp surf brands) date quickly. 

As for babies, nothing says newborn more than muslin wraps, if you don't have one that is fine babies look gorgeous in anything! 

Check out my pinterest what to wear page.

What to expect?

To have a great time! If you the parents are happy your kids will be :)

Most of the time the parents are the one who are ruining the shot by trying to get their bub to look at the camera, just be focused on them and what they are doing and the magic will happen ;) Talk a lot about the shoot beforehand practice your silly smiles – keep it light and fun. Have a few games out that you kids like to play with wooden is always timeless. Don't worry about me or trying to the kids to do anything in particular for me the more you push the less they will do it (especially toddlers!) I usually bring some bubbles instant likability and some lollies/dried fruit snacks to pull out if needed – let me know what is best :) 

Here is a board just for some ideas for the day (good to show dad these photos to know what to expect).  But mostly I am there to document what makes your family unique, so look at these things then forget about them and just be you.

Will you come to our house?

Yes! Perfect location – you have everything you need nearby, everyone is comfortable. You can tidy up a bit if you like, but don’t worry too much. I’m all about capturing you in the wild mess of your lounge room or kitchen or backyard. If you’d rather head out to a spot that’s special to your family, just lead the way!